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welcome to
I love the "Tales of..." series
"Tales of..." Files
Like I said on the homepage, I still have many of the "Tales of..." files that I used to have on "Tales Central". So if you have a need for any of the following:
- "Tales of..." Audio Files
- "Tales of..." Video Files
- "Tales of..." Games Files
- "Tales of..." Picture Files
- "Tales of..." General Information Files
- "Tales of..." Tips and Hints Files
- "Tales of..." Cheats and Codes Files
- "Tales of..." Walkthroughs/FAQs/Guides/Map Files
For any of the "Tales of..." games in the "Tales of..." series, make sure to find me in the various methods, social networking accounts, etc. on the connect with us page, and ask me, and I can get Files to you that way!